“Beware of Giving Expensive Gifts to Children”

“A VERY Expensive Lesson”

This is one time, that I did hope, that the pictures that were being taken, would at least be taken correctly.

On Visiting Sundays,  of which this is one of those special days,  but also, an extra special day!

Just because this was so special  of a day –  we had to take a

 picture, so as to have a terrific  memory,  so we started  to take a photo of the bracelet, that I have on my  left arm.

Posted on this right side is, all  of the three overlapping pictures so that you can see why the only single picture is still not of the best  of quality –  but the reason for that  one picture a little  larger,  is to see that “sparkle” on my left arm! And when this picture  was taken – this was a real beauty to see, but that did not last long.

I sure did think that I would know,  that this bracelet was on my arm at all times, but evidently someone  else in my class may have had another idea,  just waiting for me.

On Saturdays, after we had our chores done, some of us girls would go down beyond those buildings you see in the background, to play “Volleyball” on the Tennis Court, which was not  in a  well kept  area –  but we  could still play sometimes,  and this one time  – just was not the time for me to be there.

In our playing – it did get rough and as tall as I was, there were a couple of other girls just as tall. We were really playing hard and using all of our power to WIN with each of  us trying to keep that ball up in the air and then over the NET – I was not conscious of that bracelet being pulled from my arm, as we were trying our hardest to WIN!

Can not remember how long we were playing, but when the game was over and we started to walk back up to the  GIRLS’ side playground  – I did  noticed that the bracelet was gone!

Immediately,  we  all ran back and everyone was looking to see where it was – thinking it fell to the ground as we were playing. It could not be found, not alongside the Tennis Court, not in any tall grass around the edges – I ran to the “Maintenance Shop” – where the grounds’ worker would be and told them what happened. Ask them to keep an eye out for it – but  it was never ever, to be  found.

Since it was  not found – I figured that, that there was  one person playing, that knew the value of that bracelet  and could  have so easily  grabbed it from my arm, as we were playing, as we were bumping into each other so much with such roughness as per usual – that I did not think it would fall off, nor did I give it a thought, that someone would take it.

Sometimes in LIFE – it is better to not give your children things that are not really appropriate for the times – wait till they are older – and  I should have known, not  to mix beauty with rough game playing – the two do not mix well!                    D.V.

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