Clean Out the Closets!

There is one job – that I think we, all should do more often – and that is to “Clean Out the Closets” – because that is what I did today – and  “I am worn out!”  It seems that once I put different things in different closets – at the time I must have thought that – that will be it’s place. Forever! Well, that just is not the case! What I put in a closet five (5) years ago –and forgot about – has no longer any useful “LIFE” for anything important, today!

What I could not figure out – while I  was working – “How could a well organized person such as myself – put something somewhere and completely forget  – that the items that we pay “Good Money” for – are not doing us any favors – just sitting on the shelf and wearing out doing nothing!” A new resolution is going on  my  calendar –  lists of things to do – from here on out and hopefully , forever – “ I will do without what I think that I have to have – for a long time – just to be sure that this new item is going to be used and used more than one time, only.” Why, do we fill our houses with “Stuff” that we just had to have – and then never ever look at and never think to use – continuing “LIFE” without the new gadget – do without – be very slow to buy? “Something is wrong in “Denmark” – we need help – to stop buying ??”

Today, I filled several bags for the “Goodwill” – and this is only a beginning – because this was only one room. I can see that there are going to be some “Happy People” – because like they say “Someone’s trash is someone’s Treasure” and I know that there will be some people having lots of “FUN” – they will think “Christmas” came a little early this year?

It’s almost like going on a “Diet” – you know that you need to drop a pound or two – but procrastination sets in and you just put on more and more –  gaining entirely too much – and ready to bust – and now – like “TODAY” I decided to take the bull by the horns – and pull stuff out of that closet and move stuff around and continue to clear out another space  and work to the point that more is going out  – and finally  now – the room looks so good – with so much less! – This is what I want to continue to do – one room at a time – and maybe I’ll be looking at “HOUSE BEAUTIFUL” instead of what was “HOUSE A MESS?”

Now, I will have to remember – what a job it was to take all the stuff and fill bags  – wear myself out – when it would have been –  easier to just not bring anything into the house – that is not truly necessary now, “TODAY” or ever? Have to remember that – I do not want to waste “TIME” getting rid of “STUFF” that I never needed in the first place!


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