“Happy Birthday”… “MARIE AGNES BRADY…”

Baby Marie 001

“WOW!”  “This beautiful little “IRISH-AMERICAN” girl…”MARIE AGNES BRADY” – – is  “One Hundred and Fifteen years old!” (115)

On the …”fourgrandmas.com”  –   Marie Brady is the third in order of the  Four Grandmas. So that everyone will  know who the “FOUR GRANDMAS” are – – –  just thought that I would  – –  and in honor of Marie’s BIRTHDAY on the 25th of September – – let  everyone have a reminder – so  the first of our four Grandmas is the one who came to America… from England with three daughters – and she was…Anne Smart. And so LUCKY… that one of the three daughters – –  would   find and marry Mr. Brady who come over from IRELAND. “How do you like that – they both came from other Countries – and found the one and only person here in AMERICA  – to marry and be forever HAPPY!

The second  Grandmas… to be a great influence on all of us  – is one of the three daughters, Anne Elizabeth Smart Brady – – mother to  little MARIE.

We are “LUCKY” that  – little MARIE was a survivor – – as she was number thirteen  (13) – – and the last child born  in the BRADY FAMILY.  Those were the days when it was beneficial to have a large  FAMILY – –  The only thing in the case of my MOTHER… coming into a large FAMILY – – and her MOTHER  being so old… was… that so many people thought that little MARIE …was surly the daughter of one of the older brothers – – –  who were already married at the time of MARIE”s birth!

So… continuing…  in the order of the Four Grandmas  – little MARIE is the third of the four. Now  – – with “NUMBERS” – – – – I said that  little MARIE was the  13th  –  and  “LUCKY” – guess what day of SEPTEMBER that I was born???  LUCKY 13 – –  and I was he first   (1st) of six (6) children.  So… was I   “LUCKY” … or was my MOTHER ???

Now it comes to  the last of the four GRANDMAS – the fourth of the four – is   “ME”… and I am so glad that  – I was named  “MARY ELLEN”  – because…what ever question is asked – – I can always answer …”ME!”   I do not have to go into a long ordeal as to who I am – – as it is always – plain and simple “ME”  is  “ME” – – and – then  –  with a very distinctive voice – – everybody knows  – and for sure… who I am…little old ME! 

“Thanks – MOM  for being YOU – and that you were LUCKY… to have  “ME” – – and that I can always tell the world – that I am so blessed –  just to be your daughter,   makes me extra HAPPY… that I have to always … and mean always remember to –   WHOM  is in charge of this world – – and that the CREATOR gave  to me – the best FAMILY to be a part of – and I am always glad to tell the world!   DV

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