“Daddy’s Birthday is on Ground-hog’s DAY”

Daddy 1975 001

When you hear that “GROUND-HOG’s DAY”  is  coming up – –  you just know that DADDY is also going to be out and celebrating – as everybody will  also  be doing…in HOPES of WARMER WEATHER!

Since DADDY  has already  left “EARTH” and is now in the realm of the next domain… if they have cooks making good meals…you can count on DADDY being one of  the top CHEFS…as he was well known for all the wonderful cooking and baking that he was called on to do here  …and was  one person that could go about his cooking without even …needing to look at a recipe .. which is one thing that I can not do… but sure would like to….just plan on what I want to bake and not  even  need the  recipe.

Only… when you do the same things a hundred and one times … finally…you do not need the recipe…so… I  guess I will have to decide exactly the one and only thing that I want to do without the recipe – – then I will be able to say… that I can do what  DADDY   does. This will be a big decision…since…it will be hard to decide on only one favorite dessert…I like so many.


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