Now or Never?

This is definitely  the time to  “pull out all stops”  –  It is the appointed time to  use all that   “Good Stuff”  –   you have been  saving for just   the “Right Occasion.”

As a small child, I would love when my mother would open up her ceder Lane chest. The first delicious memory  was the wonderful smell of ceder. Next, she would  very carefully  take items  out and we  would look at each and match the set together and find similar items to be used for this or whatever occasion we were preparing for?

Mom would  comment om some items,  as  – “this was her Mother’s –  and someday all  these linens will be  yours!” It was easy for me to  dream of the way I would  place and arrange, all of Mom’s gifts to me!  There were beautiful  items made with hundreds o f French-knots, embroidery items with silky threads, crochet doilies, table center pieces, crochet arm rest covers – crochet items to throw over the sofa, and lots of other materials and useful hand-made items.

With all  “Works of Art”  –  now is the time –  to use –   for which they were made!   When on  display  –   you can give your guests   the  “Grand Tour”    –      bragging on all the   “Ancestors”   who made and handed   down to you  –    and,   who  will be  the next  “Generation  to reap the  rewards!”

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