“Chrissy Aldrich” and “Thomas H. Aldrich”


“Grand-daughter Chrissy  and Grandma Aldrich singing as loud as they can… ”  and  Christa’s DAD,  Tom Aldrich on the top left with  Christa’s uncle Al standing on the top right … looks like the guys are playing some real good music just as “HOT” as they can … and all on the “invisible ” instruments… –  that  – they carry  along with them – always ready to entertain!

img210 “Anyone for a game of Chess???   Tom Aldrich on the left and brother Lee – sitting on the right. – I’ll bet you can guess  when this picture was taken???     “YES!” —  “This is back in the olden times – when men  would wear their hair long…”   “What a woman wouldn’t give…  to  have  had a beautiful head of hair like Lee’s…  so nice and thick  and wavy –  so easy to do a whole lot  of different  kinds of fancy “HAIR”-do’s!”

Getting back to that game of   “CHESS” … no matter what else is going on in this “Rathskeller” –  – even having the “TV” on – they will be sitting there…  just thinking ??? This game is still going on  –   somewhere…???


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