“Thomas H. Aldrich with his War Dog “Shane”


“Memorial Day” – remembers Dogs – Dolphins – Seals…

Tom & Shane 001


“Memorial Day” remembrance would not be complete without  “Thanking” those who do not speak our language – but learn to speak and learn to serve and work  in necessary fields  in our Armed Forces – Army and Navy.

First the above photo is Thomas H. Aldrich with his War Dog “Shane” – serving in Korea 1964-1965  – – Dog Platoon – – K-9 Corp  – Tom always had a dog at home – before and after being in the service. His passion was having “German Shepherds”  training them for his own home and for those who wanted a well trained dog – a dog that would  be  a family member – to protect you and guard your home. His training of a dog was  superb – in that you could talk to your dog and the dog talked with you – in other words –  instinctively – you each knew what and where  and how to get a job done.

Second, my younger son, Lee G. Aldrich  –  joined the NAVY  and was telling about when he was stationed in the San Diego base area – that –  they had  the NAVY’s Marine Mammal Fleet  – where they were training  the “Bottle-nose Dolphins” and the “California Sea Lions” – and the training was the same and or even better than   the training – –  that would be used for the “German Shepherds” – –  “Military Dolphins” did the same work that the “German Shepherd” did – but under the sea – in the water – along side the ships – – searching for the lost NAVAL swimmer or  even to do rescue work finding people and objects – where even the members of the ship could not go  – and or perform the work needed to be  done… as well as this “K-Dag – Dolphin” making their work  highly   rewarded  – for what they were able to do.

One of the tasks that required specialized training was  to be able to equip the “Dolphins” in finding mines and this alone – saved LIVES of our young men – our specialized teams that do the training deserved every dime  – that – this government can give  – to promote their  work in the training of the “Dolphins” and the Sea Lions” for  the combined work – requiring the young men in the NAVY and  to the  best of our friendly mammals  in our oceans – those that can  make a  top notch match of performing jobs – that saves  LIVES!

My feeling is that we sometimes  forget the tremendous job  that our “Dolphins, Seals and German Shepherds” do for us  – – –  with the   specialized training  – they  are truly “LIFE Savers” saving  so many LIVES – that we just cannot  continue to work without their help to  provide protection  for the American People  and the American  Freedoms –  that  – and –  when –  we all work together   – standing United under our FLAG –  we are always willing to help each Nation requiring our help!

United  – we ask the Almighty Yahweh to bless  all of our MEN in all the Armed Forces  and  we  give Thanks – that the Almighty has thought to give  to us the “extra  special help”  we need –  – by providing us with some of HIS most talented   “Animals” that  – help “Save LIVES!”  We are Grateful and Thankful for YOUR protection  to each and every serviceman  and the special “animal” that he  will work with – in the care and  training to protect America!     AMEN     D.V.

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“This is TOM’s DAY…Happy Birthday!”

Tom & Shane 001

This PHOTO…is… TOM ALDRICH – – he is here with his  “WAR DOG SHANE” – – and …if ever I saw a PHOTO of someone…and immediately  could see…that this PHOTO…tells the viewer in an instant… the whole story about the person.

If one can determine as early as possible in their LIFE…what they like…seek it in books  and whatever it takes to understand…what is needed to pursue the DREAM …that they have  selected, for  them   selves to follow on this temporary journey …to be sure that when all  is  said…and done…that they have accomplished that …perfect  DREAM…to fulfillment!

When TOM was very young…he was always curled up with a book…evidently books had what he was looking for. He studied all about “Angel Fish”  and “Betta Fish” – – had several tanks ,  kept records of everything they did, what they ate and the  breeding …so that he would have the perfect fish to enter into contests.

The Fish were easy to start out with…but as he got older… he wanted to know all about the dogs that he wanted for his own and to train. The dogs were his LIFE…always having them and the  training of dogs for others.  Another thing that he studied… was Soldiers from the   different   periods  of time.  He could make them …small and miniature in size…paint them  perfectly in all their  specific  detail and made  large display boards…complete with the terrain   that of the Country and Nationality  and  for  the  particular years…that they worn the uniform of  the ranks for the correct position…that they were on his completed display boards to be in the perfect position …  either in WAR and in PEACE time.

“Happy Birthday … Thomas H. Aldrich”

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“I’m blowing out candles…for TOM…”

Tom's Birthday 001

“I can BLOW OUT…all those candles for you…TOM!” “I am so glad that your BIRTHDAY…TOM… is only a week after mine – – because I… NOW …have experience in BLOWING OUT CANDLES!”  “Birthday  Parties…are so much FUN… and I just LOVE to do the BLOWING OUT of the Candles …for the BIRTHDAY PERSON!”

Looks like Donald  is taking for ever just lighting the candles…and on the above photo, looks like  everyone sitting around the table  is  doing a practice “BLOW” …or are …at least getting the mouth and cheeks full of air… since every one wants their “WISH” to come true…just for being able to make a one big “BLOW” the “BLOW” that takes out all of  the candles… at  that one  time  BLOW  – – and then sitting back…just knowing that …their special WISH…will soon be coming to them!


The BIRTHDAY CAKE sue does LOOK…terrific – – if I say so…myself – – that is still one of the things  I like to bake – – and always try for the best of taste  and … LOOKS…sure do help. I make my cakes from scratch…the taste is so much better…and we know we will enjoy each and every piece…right on down to the last… piece. The only thing  is…the cake does not have a long life at our house.

This is only a simple comment that I am making…as……my MOTHER would make a better  comment  also…in a situation as this…saying to me… very nicely… as only she can…”Self praise STINKS!”

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Tom 64-65 001

This is THOMAS H. ALDRICH and some of the team…that he was working with in KOREA…1964 -1965 – – Dog Platoon – – K-9 CORP…

TOM is the man standing…top left of photo – – and I sure  am grateful and THANKFUL…that he gave  to me…some of the photos that were taken of  himself    and the other men… that he was working with. The only thing that happens… when the person,  who gives you the  photos is no longer here – – then …there is no way to have the names of all of  the men on the photos???

If you enlarge this photo…you may be able to see the name of these men on their uniforms…and one never knows – – someone just may know one of these young men – – – as they all look very young …to me!

Do not forget to remember to say a few PRAYERS…for all of our young men and women- – as they may have served and may not be here…today??? But – – with the way the world turns – – you never know who may be called up next to serve – – – and  – everyone that gives up the best years of their LIFE…for all of us at HOME – – to enjoy FREEDOM – – needs as much support as we can give … not just today – – but for all time – they deserve so much more than what they are receiving. Almighty Yahweh… protect us all…especially all our young men and women that are called to serve in the AMERICA’s ARMED FORCES!      DV


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Tom & Shane 001

This is THOMAS H. ALDRICH…and his WAR-Dog  SHANE.

The above photos show that some of us…have received  “gifts” from the Almighty – – that give us an empowering ways…that with animals…such as “Dog-Training” – – we can speak  with …and understand…the ways and actions of the dog – – in this case … TOM can speak and train “SHANE” – – in such a way that they each know and understand…exactly what the other is  thinking and which  actions are expected…to accomplish the mission that this branch of service must  realize…for the safety of all.

TOM had this talent as a very young  boy…when he had his own dogs and and other small animals  – – he  would keep daily records of what the animal did…what it was fed… what specific treatments and procedures were taken…when – – with his  checking for the correct knowledge of what was needed – – it was almost as if he was  a doctor – – – taking care of animals and being sure that they were well taken care of.

When TOM left the SERVICE… he continued with the training of dogs…some that – –  he raise and sold – – and others that…if you had a dog – – that was needing to be trained for a specific use – – then TOM… was the person to have… to  do this training. There are some people who can actually talk to the dogs  – – and get responses back – —  as to what they need – – and what is happening to them…when… they have owners that are mistreating them.

We must always remember to pray for all  of our young people…those that have talents – – and that the ALMIGHTY will help those that are going to serve … in the ARMED SERVICES –  – – so they can do an excellent job – – since their talents are developed so early …making them… so  naturally good – – – for all of us …that  – –  will receive the benefits.

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“Chrissy Aldrich” and “Thomas H. Aldrich”


“Grand-daughter Chrissy  and Grandma Aldrich singing as loud as they can… ”  and  Christa’s DAD,  Tom Aldrich on the top left with  Christa’s uncle Al standing on the top right … looks like the guys are playing some real good music just as “HOT” as they can … and all on the “invisible ” instruments… –  that  – they carry  along with them – always ready to entertain!

img210 “Anyone for a game of Chess???   Tom Aldrich on the left and brother Lee – sitting on the right. – I’ll bet you can guess  when this picture was taken???     “YES!” —  “This is back in the olden times – when men  would wear their hair long…”   “What a woman wouldn’t give…  to  have  had a beautiful head of hair like Lee’s…  so nice and thick  and wavy –  so easy to do a whole lot  of different  kinds of fancy “HAIR”-do’s!”

Getting back to that game of   “CHESS” … no matter what else is going on in this “Rathskeller” –  – even having the “TV” on – they will be sitting there…  just thinking ??? This game is still going on  –   somewhere…???


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