“WELL… this is the last of the St. Vincent Home PICNIC PHOTOS… that is  of  the email…from JAIME…”   so if there are more… let’s get them sent to me  – – that is while the PICNIC …is still fresh and we can all remember…what we did and where we were???

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“Longest Horn…Music for the HEARING…”


If you were at the St. Vincent Home Picnic…last Sunday the 27th of September 2015… you were in for a real treat…you heard music being played from the longest “HORN” that I ever saw …and it was terrific!

Check out the above photo … “Good Music played by the BAND – and the longest horn added some extras for your pleasure and then a young lady – – gave it her all – – singing songs that we all know and would you believe – – –  I did … just had to… add my own “two-cents” worth  –  did  put a real strain on the old voice box – – but I gave it that little extra touch – – the touch that lets everyone know – – someone in the crowd  – – is feeling very good …right NOW and …  and right HERE!”

The walk-way to the grounds…where the PICNIC was held… was nicely decorated with white and blue balloons …all along the way – – just to put you in the mood to have FUN and ENJOY yourselves …old FRIENDS and all the other FAMILIES … which  were there to have  FUN… as lots more were coming in…just hoping that the  next person that they meet…will be that special   “someone”  that   – they have not seen for years – – so today  is the day….just for making new memories!

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“Who Do You Know…?”


The question for the day was…”WHO DO YOU KNOW?”

This was an exciting afternoon…seeing people who may have been living at St. Vincent’s  – and hoping that they were living here – during the years of 1945 and 1952??  As those were the years that I was a student  and living  at German Saint Vincent’s .

One cannot expect that everyone would live so long… and also would be on the mailing list – to receive their invitation…and  –  then there are those who changed their names  – due to being married and they may not have kept in touch with the ORPHANAGE – –  since they left. I know that there are a million  good  answers …that you will receive  or  maybe  –  get – – when you make inquires as to where old- er  people decide to go and live – and some may have just decided that the HOME – just was mot their  “cup of tea”  when they were younger – – certainly not now … in these  days –  – that we might call their “GOLDEN” years.

All of that is good… but for me – if I met you as a young child… and then there was an opportunity to meet you  again in these years – – when one does stop to think to their self…”I sure do wonder …what in the world did good old … Mary Wright and her brother, Jim  decide to do all these years – – and how about Rose Mary Brady and  her brother, Pat – and  Norma Jean Reves and her brother, Jack and then too Norma Fulher and her brother   – – and everybody else…I just think of all the old kids …especially those who took the time to sign my autograph book  – way back in the 1940’s and 1950’s???

Just thought that maybe there should be a call out there for all those that can still remember   their “I.D. NUMBERS”  – do you know  10 – 29  – 93  or even 91???

In the above photo that is ME #91 – in the blue and white dress – – and showing photos to the couple – they did know a few of the names on some of photos – but in the conversation –  I am sorry that  – I did not get there names – the old memory just dose not work as it should!!!

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“WOW” and another “WOW”


St. Vincent’s Home Picnic, invitation said to bring your FAMILY… so this photo has some of my FAMILY!

This is my son, Al and his two daughters… which are my “GRAND-DAUGHTERS” –  that is  “JAIME” on the left… and then on the right is “ALYSSA” –  and what better  word than “WOW” can I say??? Oh.. well – how about another  “BIG WOW!”

We had FUN and enjoyed  everything and  meeting everyone that did show up – – and our rating  – –  just to let you know …that is for those who did not show up… it was “Excellent” – “TOP DRAWER”  and you might just say  “OFF THE CHARTS!”

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“Did “YOU” – miss out…”


Alyssa – MOM – Jaime – having  FUN at Saint Vincent  HOME – Picnic


Another Photo taken in the CHAPEL…

L to R…  Alan – Alyssa  – G.M ALDRICH – Jaime…

Can you think of anything better … than to share with your grand-children – the Orphanage –  that you lived in  “seventy” years ago… and still standing – and as always  – there are children who will need a HOME – – away from  HOME…


Did you ever think  – – that you would attend  a “PICNIC” that was given for all the old “GRADUATES”  – – of German St. Vincent Orphan Home… and you meet a girl from your graduating class  of 1952??? That   was… only 63 years  ago… when you – both  were  young – full of vim and vigor to start a new LIFE – never gave a  thought of conquering the world – –  but I know that –  I have heard that term used in some speeches –   – when something is planned – and no one knows who will be there – – what a joy it is –  to find that    – you are welcomed with  friendship  and someone who really  remembers you – – from  way – back and when!

L to R    That would be  “ME”  and standing in the middle is  –  Theresa Wieland-Eckerl and her husband. The best part of meeting Theresa – – was that she remembered me…so well – that she went into great detail about one of our class assignments …and  was so exact – in  what I had said  – in front of the class – for that special “CLASS”  assignment.  I just LOVE when someone is really paying attention to what is going on – and then can remember it so correctly – – almost… and as if  – – it all just happened…yesterday!

“I hate to… and  still  have to  –  say this…”   “But those who received the  “INVITATION”  and did not show up on SUNDAY – the 27th – missed out on a real good time!”


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