“Last Look at St.Vincent’s PICNIC”

Every one in our FAMILY had great smiles for all of the activity and  especially to visit the inside of the “German Saint Vincent Orphanage”  –  – to visit the apartments of the children living there today – – and then to look at photos of how the same area looked…  when I was there… as a little girl.




This is my son, Al  and his daughter, Jaime on his right – – and then on Al’s left side in daughter, Alyssa – – and we are still full of big smiles.

Since this PICNIC is taking place … in the back of the Orphanage – – this area was used for the ball field – – that is when I was  here in the 1940’s and early 1950’s – – so this shot does give a view of the back side of the laundry – – rest rooms and garage, but at the top of  those buildings you can see the tops of the Main building – – which is not often seen.

The next PHOTO is of the girls, my Grand-daughters, ALYSSA and JAIME, and standing in the middle is  their mother, JILL –   and they sure do take very good photos – – you have to say that the camera likes them – – as they photogenic. –  And…  more smiles!unnamed


How do you like this PHOTO???  That is my Grand-daughter,  JAIME…  singing with the band. I do not remember  the name of this BAND – – but how do you like the extra long “HORN” – – which was used for a couple of the songs and music that was played.

Looking at this PHOTO… seems to me – – that this area – –  used to be the “TENNIS COURT” – – and also used for us to play  the “VOLLEY BALL” games…  that we would play – – way back  there in the good “OLE” days.

One thing about taking PHOTOS – – when attending events – – especially – – those that you might have lived and or  have older memories of times gone by – – – to look over the old Photos…  will  bring you up-to-date in memories – – so that when you are  just thinking – – “I wonder what happened there  and  also wonder … what happened to this  FRIEND   or FAMILY – – you can finally feel that everyone that you used to know  – – did make it “GOOD” – – and your mind just seems to rest…  with the thought that “all is well” – – everyone has had a very  good LIFE!


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“Saint Vincent Home PICNIC”

Here I am… checking lists of names of possible old ALUMNI – – that may be showing up – – and also checking out some older names – – just to see – – WHO – –  WHAT YEAR – – and WHEN were they at   ….         “German St.Vincent Orphanage” – – 


Would you believe… this is an old class mate – – we graduated    in 1952  and this was a real surprise – – just to be able to check up – – on the  old NEWS and  WHO  in our class was still among the living.  Next to me is   Theresa Wieland – Eckerl and her husband.


Just had to add one more PHOTO  – – we are still standing  around  in the CHAPEL –  and the “TOUR GUIDE” is giving to  us  an  up-to-date  activities’   plan – –   that the children are doing …  that are now living in their separate apartments  – –  and  HOW and WHY there are so many changes – – compared to the way it was when I was there  – – to live in the HOME –  TODAY – – all together different  – – from yesterday… when I was there.


Just so you know…  that is “me”…  MARY ELLEN – – and next to me is my GRAND-son ALAN – – and next to ALAN is his FATHER, AL – – who is my youngest son. – – This was a very special day for all those  “old-timers”  who came back to St.Vincent’s for a very nice PICNIC – – the weather was beautiful and the Bar-b-QUE was superb – – no complaints were heard – – just a terrific time to think  way back to when you  and  some of your good “OLE” FRIENDS   try as best as you could  – –  remember some real “GOOD OLD TIMES”  –  – that we  will never ever…  forget!

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“Saint Vincent PICNIC, remembered…”

“GOOD and or BAD” times are never ever forgotten by a child – – and this “child at heart”  will never forget  seven years of memories – – while being  in and a part of the … “German St. Vincent Orphanage” – – and here I am… with the best part of my LIFE on EARTH – – standing in the CHAPEL of Sacred Heart with my  GRAND-CHILDREN.


Sure looks like I am getting shorter – – at one time I was  five feet six and a half inches – – guess I’m working my way down to that song… “FIVE FOOT TWO…  EYES OF BLUE” –  I’ll let you sing the rest of the song – – it is good music to dance to – – if you are a good dancer like me!

Standing  very close to the section of pews… where I spent  so much time on my knees – – as the left side of the church was for the girls – – and on the right side  were the pews for the boys and my brothers,  Denny and Tommy McClarren  spent lots of time on their knees, too!

As a very young  and obedient child… I did not like pain…  and if you – – –  ever let yourself get into any kind of trouble…  you sure did receive some  very strong pain… to your backside.

As you see us  standing… Grandson ALAN  next Grand-daughter ALYSSA – – then MARY ELLEN – – and I like that name because… I can say …. next is ME – – and then  next to ME…. is Grand-daughter JAIME – –  and when I stop to think of these perfect and special TREASURES – – that I received – – there is not enough “THANK-YOU’s”  that  I could say to the Almighty Yahweh for these most wonderful of GIFTS – – that only  HE can give to us.

Daily  PRAYER – – is what I preach – – to anyone  – that would want to listen – – as a small child in a very large ORPHANAGE – – we were always praying – – and I mean always…  and  – NOW… I am   most  grateful and thankful that my prayers were answered with the best of gifts – – that anyone could have ever   received – – my children and the best of GRAND-CHILDREN!

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“German St.Vincent Orphanage PICNIC – 2015”

If you were asked… “Where and WHAT were you doing a YEAR… ago?”


The answer that most people would give… “I have no idea… WHAT I was doing just yesterday – –  and YOU want to know “WHERE” I was a year…. ago?”   “You have to be out of your mind!”

So… while you are thinking back – – about where you where – – LOOK at where I was.  That is me in the blue dress and surrounded by  my GRAND-DAUGHTERS… ALYSSA is sitting next to me – – and JAIME is standing behind Alyssa  –  and their MOTHER, JILL  is standing behind me. 

“St. Vincent Home”… had a very generous sponsor for this get-to-gather PICNIC…  for previous ALUMNI and their FAMILY – – a wonderful BAR-b-QUE  dinner – – which also included dessert – – and to even have “seconds” if …  you  would have the room for more to eat! Just take a look at he plate of food that was brought to me…  more than I could eat all in one sitting – – as I am the type that likes the desserts – – and will save the food for a little later time – – as I am a very slow eater – –  – and for this PICNIC – – there were lots of other things to do – – besides just sit and eat.

So… just a reminder to other  “ALUMNI” – – if you were also attending  this PICNIC … and have PHOTOS – – be sure to contact me – – so we can share   stories with PHOTOS – – and even some of the good old days at  “St. VINCENT” –  – since as the years go by – – some times some good old things – – that we wanted to remember – – have been forgotten – – but to hear about it again – – just might be a very good thing – – reminiscing  the “GOOD OLE DAYS!”




Sep 27 @ 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm
7401 Florissant Road – Normandy, MO  63121

BBQ & Kids smallSt. Vincent Home for Children Picnic

Please bring your family and join ours!

St. Vincent Home for Children wants to invite you and your family to our Alumni Picnic. We will provide the food, fun, entertainment, and


beer/wine/beverages. The picnic will be a celebration of our wonderful past and an opportunity for you to meet our Executive team and see how our programs are working today.

Most of all we want you to come to enjoy a great fall afternoon among friends!

RSVP: Number attending to Mike Garavalia, Director of Development here.

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  • Hi Grandma!

    Yesterday was a lot of fun visiting your old stomping grounds and seeing Tommy, his family and even your old friends! It was interesting hearing all the alumni’s stories as they were reminiscing during the tour of the place.

    Most of all, it made me feel very blessed and filled with gratitude to belong to such a beautiful family. I always cherish all of our “get togethers” and time spent laughing and enjoying each other’s love and light~

    I also especially appreciated you printing out photos of you at the orphanage as a child to share with us. (Grammy asked if we could pick her out from a photo of a classroom full of girls, and as I scanned the photo, I picked out my Grammy right away!! She still has the same look after all these years :) and plus I recognized my own face in hers!)

    I am very grateful for my Grandma! I love you Grammy!! What an uplifting day this was…

    Cheers to honoring the past, and even more importantly GUARDING THE PRESENT MOMENT- right “NOW” is all that is, all that ever has been and ALL that ever will BE. This moment is what creates the ripple effect out into the vast interconnected universe so it is wise to be AWARE of this power THIS MOMENT has…

    Today I will be meditating and giving thanks to the Universe~ feeling the resonating GOD within me FLOURISH ABUNDANTLY with JOY, LOVE and LIGHT which through my conscious being I will echo back into the universe for ALL ETERNITY. <3

    Thank you & God Bless ALL now & always~

    XOXO Love, Alyssa XOXO

    • Mary Ellen says:

      Like I have mention – so many times before – – the Almighty Yahweh has truly sent special blessings to me … especially with the whole FAMILY – – I had to read and re-read…your comment – it was a perfect PRAYER… NOW – I know that we will continue to be BLESSED…

      LOVE to ALL the FAMILY…xoxoxoxoxo…. the BIG G – hersel

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“WOW” and another “WOW”


St. Vincent’s Home Picnic, invitation said to bring your FAMILY… so this photo has some of my FAMILY!

This is my son, Al and his two daughters… which are my “GRAND-DAUGHTERS” –  that is  “JAIME” on the left… and then on the right is “ALYSSA” –  and what better  word than “WOW” can I say??? Oh.. well – how about another  “BIG WOW!”

We had FUN and enjoyed  everything and  meeting everyone that did show up – – and our rating  – –  just to let you know …that is for those who did not show up… it was “Excellent” – “TOP DRAWER”  and you might just say  “OFF THE CHARTS!”

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“Did “YOU” – miss out…”


Alyssa – MOM – Jaime – having  FUN at Saint Vincent  HOME – Picnic


Another Photo taken in the CHAPEL…

L to R…  Alan – Alyssa  – G.M ALDRICH – Jaime…

Can you think of anything better … than to share with your grand-children – the Orphanage –  that you lived in  “seventy” years ago… and still standing – and as always  – there are children who will need a HOME – – away from  HOME…


Did you ever think  – – that you would attend  a “PICNIC” that was given for all the old “GRADUATES”  – – of German St. Vincent Orphan Home… and you meet a girl from your graduating class  of 1952??? That   was… only 63 years  ago… when you – both  were  young – full of vim and vigor to start a new LIFE – never gave a  thought of conquering the world – –  but I know that –  I have heard that term used in some speeches –   – when something is planned – and no one knows who will be there – – what a joy it is –  to find that    – you are welcomed with  friendship  and someone who really  remembers you – – from  way – back and when!

L to R    That would be  “ME”  and standing in the middle is  –  Theresa Wieland-Eckerl and her husband. The best part of meeting Theresa – – was that she remembered me…so well – that she went into great detail about one of our class assignments …and  was so exact – in  what I had said  – in front of the class – for that special “CLASS”  assignment.  I just LOVE when someone is really paying attention to what is going on – and then can remember it so correctly – – almost… and as if  – – it all just happened…yesterday!

“I hate to… and  still  have to  –  say this…”   “But those who received the  “INVITATION”  and did not show up on SUNDAY – the 27th – missed out on a real good time!”


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