“Let This EASTER be the BEST EASTER ever”

          “HAPPY EASTER to all!” – 2018

This is little   “ALYSSA” – and she seems to be so busy opening something – – that she is giving  her full attention to just get it  open  and see  HOW – – it works – – and  then to share with all of her FAMILY – – as you can see  – – everybody is patiently waiting!                                                                                                                 img124



This is little “JAIME”

showing us something

special that she received

today,  “EASTER” – –  and “Jamie” has  that whimsical look – – that is saying you know what this is – – that I am holding – – better than me… as  her sweet little face – – just seems to be asking – – “if you do not  know what this is – – how would I know?”

There were lots of  “FAMILY  and FRIENDS”  that came 

up to the  “BOWLING  GREEN AIRPORT” – – to help all of us  celebrate this special  holiday – – “EASTER’  and also to  have  FUN  meeting and talking with all of the visitors to the  “AIRPORT” – – as they would  Fly  and stop  by…  to fuel up their airplanes – – while they and  their family members  were also traveling to visit their relatives in the near-by states!

These PHOTOS were taken in the kitchen and dining room area of the AIRPORT.

“If you are also traveling – – flying and or driving – – please be extra careful – – as all of this rain that we are having – – is unexpected – – and causing delays  everywhere – – and then with the possibility  of  “SNOW” tomorrow – –  check the areas you are heading for – – and use caution above all else – – be “LATE”   if you have too – –  but  do  be “SAFE” – – since we  do want to see you  and your FAMILY – – happy together… forever!” ***    *******    D.V.

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