“Stella’s Birthday”

Today, is the birthday of one of my oldest friends from the German St.Vincent Orphan Home in Normandy, MO.  Today,  my classmate  and friend would be 76 years old.

Happy Birthday dear  –   “Stella Santoyo Herrera”  –  I always remembered that this was your birth date  –  but never knew where you were?

On graduation  day  – June 8th, 1952  – My bags and everything were   packed  and ready  to leave the home, with my mother.  As I remember you were not leaving then and  not sure when  –  but you did say you would be  going to Hammond, Indiana  –  when ever you would be leaving?

It sure would have been nice if we had these computers back,  then?  I would be better at using  them and it sure would have helped to find  classmates and friends,  easier?  But that’s the  “Luck”   –  new inventions just   come  in to  being  too  late   –  and like they say “a dollar short”  –  so all I  can do is remember the good times we had at the  “Home!”

I  remember that the both of us wanted the name “Bernadette”  for our  Confirmation name!  And when we were to learn to write with   ‘fountain pens’  in Sister Florence’s class  –  we both selected the same color fountain pens! You were very lucky to learn to play music and then get to play the Church organ,  you always played  so  very well  –  I  now know it was very  joyful for our “Heavenly Father” to  hear your music.

Wishing you  a very Happy Birthday  – and hoping you are still pleasing  our    “King of Kings”  in Heaven  –  with beautiful music!


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  • Cathy Wagner says:

    Stella Santoyo is a great aunt of my husbands. Would like to learn more about the family.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “Stella and I were classmates and very good friends…. just put her name in the SEARCH bar… top right… have different stories about her and pictures of her … Stella was a terrific friend.
      Let me hear more from you… Thanks xoxoxo

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