“As I Remember”

Now is the “TIME” to do it…

Every FAMILY  has one important thing that they usually do every SPRING and or in the  FALL!

Have you already guessed what it is that we did?

We would drive up to OHIO… that is where my FATHER is from  and his FAMILY wanted to see all of us  as we little KIDS were being born and as we were getting older.

The very first trip that my FAMILY took, was when I was about seven months old. My MOTHER told me about the trip  so many times… that I feel that it was just as she described to me. The back seat of the car was set up special, just for my comfort. The open area where you would put your feet is the area that my DAD put our suitcases and added some other items that they would need to change my diapers and extra baby stuff, but to level it so that the basket that I was to travel in… would sit still and level.

This basket that I was to travel in… is the very same  oval laundry basket that we had when I was older and every time that we would be doing laundry my MOM and I would reminisce about the traveling and how good of a baby I was  when traveling long distances.

When you are little I feel that it is good – if  – what you are doing  is making good memories that both you and your parents will  always remember  and really enjoy talking about  later … till the last day you are on this earth.

My MOTHER  would tell me that when they put me in the basket in the back seat of the car that … they had to really be ready to start the car and get it moving.  If they still had some packing of stuff  to put in the trunk or anything that would delay the car from getting on the road,  “I would sing out loud and clear  for the whole wide world to hear me!”

Seems that I just was not about to lay back and keep my mouth shut… either you get this  “show” going  or you will be hearing from “your back-seat driver”  and…  that was me!

When my MOTHER would tell me about the trips and  all  of what went on she sure enjoyed re-telling me all the stuff  that we did  on the way up to OHIO and  then back down to Saint Louis. That is why I feel it does one good, internally to remember the good times  that we have… as so many of us have enough bad times  but,  if we would  only remember more  of the good times…  maybe we would not have…  so  many bad times?

What I enjoyed most…  was hearing about  me!

I bet that there were times that they wished that I was not in that back seat, just from the way I know  that some kids act… when they are cooped up too long and where they  are not wanting to be?

Over all my Mother would say, that I was the “best baby” to travel with because for hundreds of miles of driving, they would not hear a peep from me. “BUT…  if we had to make a quick stop…  just the second that our  car stopped then,  I would scream so loud… there was nothing that I wanted  and nothing that I needed  but if they would start  the car…  moving… I went right back to sleep and I would sleep soundly until the next stop!”

“Keeping that car moving … that’s when I was in HEAVEN, I would travel without disturbing a soul!”

Since I have had my own children,  there has been  some times when I have heard of children that would be babies and under six months old… who just could not or would not sleep in peace for the new parents, that is and unless they  all got into  their car and drove around the block a couple of times…  just to get the new born baby to rest quietly and fall into a sound sleep!

Are you  “ALL” ready to take a long trip with the newborn baby?? “It will be FUN for all – I know!”    and…   “PROMISE!”

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