“JUST… Give ME one moment more…Please”

“Is there – TIME?”

At this “TIME” of the year – everyone finds… that they are so busy – cleaning the house – fixing special recipes before the BIG  day to see if they turn out all right??

Also, we have to do – all  of the outside sprucing up – what trees will be decorated – what is the outside “CHRISTMAS PLAN” for our house – this year??

Hopefully,  all the “CHRISTMAS” decorating lights are all together and are  not in a tangle like the year – before? And, we also have the inside lights and ornaments and all of the extra special items – that are always packed away with great care – – as some of these are heirlooms – and… no amount of money could ever buy  these – they are just irreplaceable???

Is this the year for a real “TREE” – or an artificial?

Will we be expecting all the same family and friends – or – are their additions, which we  will now need to prepare for – and – surely no one has departed and hopefully, there will be no separations in the family??? 

Should we make some calls and see if there are changes??? Are we recording all the “CHRISTMAS CARD” responses?? Did anyone put  inside their card to us – any special notes  – to give us an up-date – something necessary for us to know,  now – and be prepared for – some questionable things – that are up-in-the-air –  a may or a maybe not!

So far – we have gone down our list and we think that we have checked “IT” twice – but did we really???

What about the “HOME BOUND” family member and or friend??

We all have someone, who is not as well as they once were, and now… for them to travel to and from any of our great get-to-gathers – is just a little too much – and they just will not let anyone know their situation  – that they can no longer par-take in all of  the family gatherings – like they used to do!

Is it too late? Is there some “TIME” – for us to include the “HOME BOUND” – if at all possible? Did we at least send a “CHRISTMAS CARD?”

Is it, maybe possible for us to take something – made extra special just for them and spend some of our “TIME” with them?? Surely someone in the family – should take on the job of checking the “HOME BOUND” – in their homes – just to make sure that they are still alive???

Some of our special family members – gave all of the family so much of their “TIME” when they were younger and also in the best of health – but to all of us mortals – comes a “TIME” – that we slow down and can no longer be the leading force … full of fun – with lots of get-up and go!

All of the “FUN” has now got-up and is gone!??

If ever there was a “TIME” to receive extra blessings – now is the season – just because there is so much to do  – just to be able to make “MERRY” with all our family and friends.

So now… if we  can only remember those words  – that can be found in the “MANUAL FOR LIFE” – it is called the “BIBLE” – and in the New Testament section – see if you can find those verses which promise so very  many blessings – that our cup will over flow…  –

“When you have done  this “KINDNESS” to the very least … you have done it unto me…  and, your reward will be greater, than you could ever expect!”

Never let it be said that you forgot to do a small  “KINDNESS” – when you did have the “TIME” and  also the “WHERE-WITH-ALL” – to do it!

“TIME and TIDE”   wait for no man…  and, will never ever, let you forget… and your “personal sorrow will be…  ever so mindful!” 

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