“Ammunition is Needed” for “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

“Formula for FIXING TODAY”


Something so old – –

but does have a very “GOOD” Message!  

SO… thought that I would copy the above article – –

so… that everyone will have  a   – –

   “FORMULA for fixing the PROBLEMS”  – –

of TODAY! – –

Should call this … “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”


                    JUST     P.U.S.H.

When everything seems to go wrong,     just push

When the job gets you doubt,     just push

When people don’t react the way you think they should,      just push

When your money looks funny and the bills are due,     just push

When you want to curse them out for whatever reason,     just push

When you ask the question, when is my ship coming in?     just push

When people just don’t understand you,     just push



P – ray


U – ntil


S – omething


H – appens 



If your LIFE is going well and you have nothing going wrong,

 just remember …

YOU are truly  BLESSED  and YOU too should continue…

 to  PUSH…

  for even better BLESSINGS.

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