“Getting ready for the biggest TURKEY DAY”

“After Thanksgiving …What To do” “Start Walking”

“3 Cheers – for the COOKS!”



“HIP- HIP!  HOORAY!”  “3 CHEERS  – for the COOKS!”

Sure hope that you remembered to say  “THANKS” for whoever made the best of meals this year, and that  you were there to enjoy all of those special selected   and only once a year foods that always put a hundred extra pounds of muscle on … since you will be sitting and sitting … since all of the food did  taste so good, you just… can not move yourself, away from the table…and  join others who have more sense …  as they are having  lots of “FUN” mingling  around the  great outdoors with others… and…… making room…… for some great desserts!

This picture was taken several years ago and this senior chef with her very  young and helpful assistant, Alyssa  is  also  my Granddaughter of two very loving children…my  extra special great-grandchildren… so,  the two of us pulled off another big feast   for all of those up at the Airport  and for everyone  just flying in …to enjoy???

In this picture you can see,  that it does not  pay to wear  something   “all white” and then have the nerve to stand near the refrigerator… which is  also…the very same color… “white”???  

This  is not  the best of pictures, since it is also a copy  and … I will have to locate the original…  just to see who’s… who and what’s… what???  

Also a word or two about being at the AIRPORT.

We did have Fun sharing our Turkey Dinners by having two Turkeys during the week… just so that all of those pilots and friends… that were stopping by would at least celebrate some kind of a “Thanksgiving”  meal… while doing their traveling … and so while having to  stay at the AirPort for a few extra hours… as they waited for those friends and family… that were going to be there… to pick them up… to also do…  a little more HOLIDAY celebrating… on the go!

Since the Airport is open  twenty four hours a day … and seven days a week…  and as we all work and travel in todays’ world  going to places,  that have many different working hours… so also  we have found that… for our own and also for  all of the  those little personal things… that  all must be done… we just have to  always be ready.

It just takes lots of time…making ready around the clock… as schedules will change and then…there always has to be  a  very nice place to take a rest… while those that have some very different  time schedules to follow…  will also be able to find their  way to the AIRPORT… we  will also try to accommodate all those that  stop in at our AIRPORT and they find that they had a nice time  and a place near by…  to be helped… as we are there for you!

 This is a quick item… since we are still doing things with the very last of  just one of the  biggest old turkeys!

Sometimes “Turkeys” can last longer…  than you want…  but… they do make…  very good sandwiches, when we are all  in a hurry!

 Hope that you will … be enjoying … some real good “Turkey! …     …. TOO???    …    ….

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  • Alan says:

    This is making me hungry! I miss Thanksgiving at the airport. Those were the good ole’ days. Cant wait to see you in a couple days so we can enjoy a bunch of great food with our wonderful family! Love you Grammy!

  • Gene says:

    Mary Ellen
    Hope you and the kiddos had a good Thanksgiving .
    I think about you guys all the time.
    You are my favorite people.
    I love you and miss you guys.

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “Best of wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the family…enjoy the Holiday all week … and THANKS for having us to your home and for all the good food and time there with you… a very good treat and we will be remembering you always!”

  • Rock God says:

    Don’t forget
    Music heals the sole.
    So play on and on and on.

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