“What Are YOU Thankful FOR”

“WOW” … “What a Question?”

But… since today is the twenty first of November and a MONDAY… and this Thursday is  “Thanksgiving Day”… makes for one to start thinking of all of the most wonderful things… “one” does have to give “THANKS” for!

Today… I just have to give THANKS for being born in America and being a natural born citizen of America.

On the “TV”… we see so many young children born in Countries … where one Country is bombing the Country next to them… and so many young children are dying … due to starvation and the bombs  dropping on them… so much malnutrition going on throughout those parts of the world.

In America during those WWII years… I remember  other children my age and older collecting  newspapers and magazines and all usable metal for the WAR effort and our families had to use “ration coupons”… as we all did learn to use a lot less of everything and make due and not complain… as our AMERICAN Soldiers needed everything and even more… to win the WAR!

My father was in the Army and as so many others from our family, also enlisted to do their small part in securing “Freedom” for all AMERICANS.

As one grows up in America we do have the choice of Schools to attend and as I did…I even  went to Summer School… just so that… I could get a job and help the family out. As most first children in the family generally plan on helping their family with what ever they can do… mostly to give back a portion of the best of times with the family… having been that  first child!

So now we find just the best job and working place… something that we like doing and also…  somewhere  you will be making good pay checks… as having some money to spend sure does help AMERICA  as the worker plans… for their future.

All of these young years you are going up that ladder… you do see an extra special someone … that would be just so right… and just  for you. It just does not take too long, for you to find that one, and only one… that extra special person… that you will marry and  see even more wonderous things taking place in your lives.

You are starting off on that same road in LIFE… that your parents took… and are now looking for that extra special HOME for you and your family’s castle among  the new subdivisions and as new homes… that are now  being built… in neighborhoods so much better…  than those that your parents had… as that is what is expected today… for each child to do… and to find and pass that same information on… forever down that road of LIFE!

A real good LIFE is what we all are looking for … and also for each and every child in our family. We as parents want for our child … all of that which…  we did not get, and or receive… even though we did try … to do and to give each child, the very best of what was on that table… to offer to them.

With the HELP of our CREATOR …. the FATHER of all of us… and the giver of all the best of gifts … we ask and pray… that we do that which we were taught… and give unto our children…  all that HEAVEN above allows us to … TODAY!

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