“Are “WE” Ready to LAND… ??”



“Sure hope you are ready to land…  We have a rental car waiting …and we will be going over to my brother,  Donald’s  house –  we will have a short visit  – depending on what they are doing, tonight…- get something to eat … with – – –  Donald and his FAMILY …   “Donald and his wife Valerie” have  two boys – so when ever… you want to go and  or  leave  – –  we can…  and …we will be taking lots of pictures… so you gals  – – can put on your “Pretty” face and look  real …glamorous!”

We will be driving up the Federal Highway –  – then A-1-A highway  along the beach – see the area where they made the movie –  “Where the Boys are”  – so you can figure out where you want to stay for a couple of days  –  – –  thought you might want to visit  – “Topper’s” –   one of  the three   restaurants…  that my parents had … when we lived down here? Also, if you want to see where we lived and the other two  “restaurants”  – we will go there  – too – – or where ever  and or what ever …  catches your eye?  “Okay??” – “Looks like the  “thumbs-up”  – – got it!”


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