For the Next Generation

When I know that , I will be having the Grandchildren over for a day or two, the first thing I did was to put on a pot of  “Chicken and Dumplings”. Make my own dumplings from scratch and roll out. All three of the children would be sitting around the counter on stools to see and help. Mostly just watching and talking. Some times they would like to drop a dumpling in and then hope to get that one  later to eat. The real help in that they would like to sneak a taste! That was just to see if I was watching and be able to catch a good taster!

While the food was doing its thing on the range, it was time for us to play games. We had memory games  – that  would be to stir up  the memory muscles. Next play cards for the sake of learning numbers, counting and getting our hands on some money! I would always same change in old pickle jars, so we each had money and if you win  – you got to keep it. Letting them win was always a good way to suggest cards, “Winner keeps all.”  Learning to add and subtract came easier and they didn’t know they were in school.

Another favorite was playing “School”.  Alyssa was always the school teacher, and I was always a student. Of course Alyssa would call “Roll Call” and she would have a few students on her list of “No Shows”. She has such a good imagination, it was so much fun going back to school. We had spelling, math and art classes,     and after all thees years  – I’m happy to say   all of   Alyssa’s  students’   papers   are kept by me  –     in boxes for the “Next Generation!”

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