1st Sunday of Advent

Everyday going by,  is a day closer to “Dec. 25th”  and this is how I remember the days going by in the  1940’s!

The  first ” Advent ” Sunday in   December  –  we  “Orphans” would  put on our   Sunday best clothes, and  board the waiting  Greyhound Buses  –  4 of them. These buses really looked good sitting in the driveway at  German St. Vincent Orphan Home!  Some of the  “Nuns”  also going  and dressed in  their  “Winter Cape”  and I as a small little girl   –  thought they looked  “beautiful”  –  the million dollar look!We sang songs most of the way, until we reached downtown.

Famous Barr, was the destination, and their employees and  Christmas Elves were directing us into the store and up the “escalators”  When we reached the  9th floor, we were walking pretty fast  and directed to seats in the auditorium. There were other children  associated with other institutions, and all of us were having a great time! On the Stage , were live “Actors and Acts,  some Three Stooge Movies, and “Santa” with singing!

Instructions were announced to follow the  Elves to Toy land, there each child was given a wrapped gift. Still following directions to the escalators and going down, near the end of our being in the store, each child received a stocking full of candy!

Back on the Bus, we were singing, and everyone was letting the world know what a wonderful  day it was to be an Orphan.    Some   Orphans had no family   and no visits,   and an occasion  like this  –  was a real blessing!

For making me  feel good  — Thank You God Almighty  — and bless the Benefactors you sent to Orphans  —  to make our day!

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